Persona 5 Ryuji Skull Action Figure Revealed

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There are already a variety of collectible figures based on characters from the popular JRPG Persona 5, but more and more are being added regularly. The latest in a long line from the Good Smile company is the foul-mouthed member the Phantom Thieves, Skull (Ryuji).

This Persona 5 Ryuji Skull figure comes with three different face plates, each with their own expression, and an articulated stand to put Ryuji into various poses. There are also a handful of accessories as well, including his pipe, shotgun, and the calling card for Kamoshida. Preorders for the Persona 5 figure are open now, and are going until May 9, 2019 at 12:00 JST. The Skull figure will set you back around $60, but those who manage to reserve one can expect to see it arrive sometime this October.

As previously mentioned, Good Smile already has a decent selection of characters from Persona 5 in its store. They range from adorable chibi versions to ones more in line with the style of the game and the animation, as the Skull figure is.

As for what else is up with the Phantom Thieves, it appears that the mysterious group of do-gooders isn't hanging up their masks quite yet. The group, along with other characters from the game, recently strutted their stuff on the dance floor in the rhythm game Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight.

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Soon, Joker will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character. The news was announced via a trailer during The Game Awards last year, which surprised and delighted everyone who tuned in. Joker will be part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger's Pack DLC, which is expected to release later this year.

Just days ago, Atlus showed audiences a bit more of Persona 5: The Royal, a somewhat mysterious game that the company has been teasing for months. Not much is known about the title, but many have surmised that it is a new version of Persona 5 with new content and characters.

One of those new characters was the focus of the latest Persona 5: The Royal trailer. In the short video, a red-haired girl is seen standing in Shibuya while having a conversation about the Phantom Thieves. The way she talks about them suggests she isn't a current member of the group, but that doesn't mean she won't become one later. We will just have to wait and see what her role is in the story when Atlus reveals more on the game.

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