Persona 5 The Royal Trailer Highlights Takuto Maruki

takuto murk revealed

A new trailer for Persona 5 The Royal introduces the school guidance counselor Takuto Maruki and shows his rapport with the students, with walking around and chatting. Persona 5 The Royal adds a whole new semester to the game that features some new characters and a new location. It will include the original game but tack on some added story and updated visuals.

While Persona 5 fans wait, Atlus has provided a steady drip of teases for the new content. This latest tease shows off Takuto Maruki interacting with some of the students throughout the school. Takuto seems to have a big presence in the expanded game although the trailer doesn't provide much information about his personality to western viewers because of its Japanese text.

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Atlus has revealed some details about Takuto, though. The character works as a part-time counselor at Shujin Academy, and he has a deep empathy which he can use to relate directly to people's feelings. He also supports the Phantom Thieves and believes that they can incite change, even though he disagrees with their methods, making him seem like a reliable character.

Unlike the other revealed Persona 5 The Royal character Kasumi Yoshizawa, Takuto will not join the party as a playable ally. Instead, he will help out in the background and offer support to players during conversations. Apart from the new semester, the game will allow players to explore the Tokyo shopping and food district Kichijoji. The game will come to PlayStation 4 exclusively and will feature overhaul anime cutscenes and complete 4K support for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It sounds like the new version of the game will serve as the definitive edition. Fans of the series should have expected this, as Persona 4 got a similar treatment back in 2008. Hopefully, enough time has passed that Persona lovers will relish an excuse to jump back in.

Person 5 The Royal will release Spring 2020 on PlayStation 4.

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