Persona 5 Royal Confirms Multiple New Endings, Extra School Term

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Persona 5 Royal is expanding greatly on the original release of Persona 5. The extent of the new material found in Persona 5 Royal has been left nebulous, but details are beginning to be fleshed out. For example, Persona 5 Royal's new characters, Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki, have been fully introduced. And now it seems that Atlus is ready to start talking about Persona 5 Royal's new endings.

Speaking to Game Informer, Persona 5 Royal director Daiki Ito and producer Kazuhisa Wada confirmed the game's new endings. "The game is made so you can still enjoy the original storyline and ending," the two clarify, but add that the new content will, "help to deepen the feeling of the game." A substantial extra school term will continue the game past the original ending, new scenes have been added, and "several new endings unique to P5R" are waiting for players to discover on their own.

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Fans of the Persona franchise won't be surprised to hear just how much Atlus will be adding to Persona 5 Royal. This isn't the first time Atlus has expanded on the game's story to this degree. Persona 4 Golden, the expanded version of Persona 4, also made similar content additions. It added both Marie and Tohru Adachi as social links, each introducing new story content (and an optional ending). There's also a new epilogue to the game's True Ending.

By all appearances, Persona 5 Royal is inspired by the success of Persona 4 Golden and will be expanding even further on what it did. The new school term and extra endings are just the beginning of what Atlus has planned for Persona 5 Royal. There's apparently a 30% increase in new features overall. Plus, to make up for what would be an extended game length, Atlus is optimizing the game's speed so it shouldn't be much longer than the original game.

Atlus' plan to rerelease Persona 5 with new content isn't without controversy, however. None of the new content in Persona 5 Royal is being released standalone. That means that every Persona 5 player who wants to experience the full, complete story and all of its characters has to rebuy the full Persona 5 Royal game. And while there's a lot of new content in Persona 5 Royal, it's certainly not a completely new game. Persona's biggest fans are the ones will end up being punished.

With that said, it's still more Persona 5 story. And fans of Persona 5 would be remiss to pass on the complete story. For new Persona 5 players, however, the choice has never been made easier.

Persona 5 Royal releases October 31 on PS4.

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Source: Persona Central

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