Rumor: Persona 5 R Coming to the Nintendo Switch

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With the release of Persona 5, Atlus cemented that there is indeed a global audience for its high school-centered JRPG franchise, shipping over 1.5 million copies worldwide. Now, a new group of players may have the chance to fraternize and battle with Joker and his friends, as a recent change to an Atlus-owned internet domain suggests that the announcement of a Persona 5 Switch port may be on the horizon.

The domain,, was registered back in April 2017, and the idea that it refers to an enhanced Persona 5 release, currently called Persona 5 R, has been circulating ever since. There has been some development, however, as Atlus has just moved the domain to its own name servers, indicating that official word about could be imminent.

This process is supported by a number of recent announcements from Atlus. For example, was also registered in April 2017, moved to the company's name servers in July, and Persona: Q2 was officially announced only six days later. With this history established, it does seem like more news on may arrive shortly.


While speculative, the theory that this news will confirm an expanded Persona 5 release is certainly not unfounded. Atlus is known for releasing enhanced editions of its Persona titles, and a consumer survey from 2017 indicates that the company indeed has something planned, asking fans if they would be interested in "Persona 5 with added scenarios and new elements."

The rumor that this release will find its way to Switch is based on conjecture as well, but it is also not without legs. The most convincing evidence is that Joker has been announced as a DLC fighter for the Switch-exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has fueled this speculation by recently stating that he "can't comment" on a port of Persona 5 for Switch.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, bringing Persona 5 to Nintendo's newest console would certainly be exciting for many that do not have access to its PlayStation release. Some reports suggest that Atlus will announce the future of as part of a Persona 5 anime series special broadcast scheduled for December 30, so fans may not have to wait much longer to have this theory confirmed or denied.

Persona 5 is out now on PS4 and PS3.

Source: Persona Central

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