Persona 5 Guide: How to Get the Good Ending

persona 5 good ending guide

Persona 5 is every bit the stylistically charged and captivating JRPG that fans hoped for after viewing its launch trailers, and those traits have smoothly translated into worldwide success for Atlus' newest adventure in the Persona series. While the game has been out for over six months in Japan, however, its relatively recent launch in North America and Europe coupled with a lack of translated guides means many of the title's million-plus players are experiencing it for the first time.

That's likely the reason so many Persona 5 guides for western players have begun cropping up and preaching the basics of the game rather than focusing on its final hours. In an effort to avoid spoiling the game for newer players, many critics and gaming websites have strayed away from providing coverage of the game beyond most of its basic content, a practice that has been helped by Atlus' incredibly strict Persona 5 streaming guidelines. The result has been an enjoyable one for gamers looking to avoid spoilers, although late-game content coverage has been lacking, which can be a major problem for gamers looking to complete Persona 5.

As it turns out, for as much as Persona 5 innovates the series, it remains true to its roots as well - there are the usual high school romances and relationships, the ability to negotiate with demons, and, most importantly, the ability to unlock Bad and Good endings. The latter option is one in particular that many newer players will struggle with, as there are a few innocuous dialogue choices within Persona 5 that can lead to the Bad Ending without much warning. To that end, we've assembled a very short, handy, and most importantly spoiler-free guide that will prevent players from inadvertently seeing their nearly hundred hour journey end in disaster.

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Always Steal the Treasure Before the Deadline Hits

This one is pretty self-explanatory, since it's game over if players fail to steal their target before a certain date during each mission. Still, though, failing any of these missions does result in a relatively swift and brutal end for the Phantom Thieves, so it's important to avoid. Check out Game Rant's Persona 5 guide for tips on how to ensure that the protagonist and his motley crew are always prepared for the challenges of each heist.

During an Interrogation, Don't Sell Out

That's about as specific as we can get given the spoiler-free nature of this guide, but there really aren't that many meaningful interrogations within the game to choose from, and there's only one where players are given the option to be a rat. Persona 5 is a game about developing and maintaining bonds with people who are similarly cast out from society like the protagonist is at the beginning of the game, and part of its lesson is that players should trust those closest to them. Make sure to put that philosophy into practice in key moments and the Phantom Thieves should prevail.

Don't Give In When Things Look Bleak

Given that this is a JRPG about the good and evil within people's hearts, there is a good amount of bleakness being doled out at any given point in time. There will be a specific moment during the events of Persona 5's endgame where the player is offered the chance to simply give up by a major character - make sure to act like any self-respecting JRPG hero would and outright refuse that offer as vehemently and repeatedly as possible. Trust us, it pays to be stubborn.

These are the three major points that many Persona 5 players trip up on in their pursuit of the game's Good ending, and following these vague yet important rules will make sure players enjoy the Persona 5 story without any spoilers while also avoiding the trap of the Bad ending lurking in its shadows. Happy treasure hunting!

Persona 5 is available now for PS4 and PS3.

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