Persona 5 Guide: How To Get Out Of Dungeons

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After years of waiting, JRPG players are finally able to dive into Persona 5 and tackle a new adventure - 0r at least one that is new to North American and European gamers. The long-awaited new installment of the Persona franchise was released about half a year ago in Japan, where it was critically acclaimed, and so far western reviewers seem to agree that the game is fantastic. Despite all the hype, there are a few early pain points that have come up as players become accustomed to the new game's interface and options.

One of the early problems that a lot of Persona 5 players seem to be having is figuring out how to exit dungeons. There isn't an obvious teleport or fast travel while exploring the dungeon areas players are already getting frustrated by running back to the entrance when their team runs low on MP. Not to worry though, there's a much faster way out that the game declines to explicitly point out to players.

1.) While in the dungeon, find the nearest Save Room

2.) Once in the Save Room, hold R1

3.) This should open a menu that gives players the option to teleport to other Save Rooms, including the front gate of the dungeon

4.) Recharge and head back in!

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This is definitely a simple and logical way to get out of the dungeons, but the game doesn't do the best job of explaining to players that they can teleport by holding R1 when in Save Rooms. Hopefully this quick tip saves everyone a few head aches and the time that it would take to run all the way out of the dungeon the long way. Check out our Persona 5 starting guide for other early tips and tricks.

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Persona 5 is available now on PS3 and PS4.

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