Following the trend of past Persona games, Persona 5 will be getting its own animated television adaption. Atlus and A-1 Pictures have announced Persona 5 the Animation, an anime television series planned to air in Japan some time in 2018.

Atlus shared the news in a post on Twitter, as well as released a trailer that is live on the Aniplex official site. Unfortunately, it’s only available for viewing in Japan. The video doesn’t feature any footage from the upcoming series, so Persona 5 fans outside of Japan needn’t worry they are missing out. The trailer does, however, confirm that the original Japanese voice cast of the Phantom Thieves will be reprising their roles for the TV series.

This marks the third Persona title that’s received an anime adaption, the first being the story of Persona 3 told through a four-part anime movie. Persona 4 ended up with two anime TV series. The first was Persona 4 The Animation, followed by Persona 4 The Golden Animation, which used updated story elements from Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 5 already has one anime adaption, with a short 30-minute special called Persona 5 Daybreakers that released shortly before the game’s launch in Japan. It’s unclear if the upcoming series will closely follow the story from the game or diverge into new territory, but it would be nice to see new targets and requests — possibly even a new Palace.

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Persona 5 is smash hit in Japan and has received very positive reviews worldwide. Readers of the popular Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu, voted Persona 5 the best RPG of all time. It nudged out legends like Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger from the top spots, which speaks to its reputation.

To those who haven’t experienced a Persona game before, Persona 5 is an excellent place to start. From its flashy, modern style, to its incredible acid jazz soundtrack, it is an absolute must play for RPG fans. Newcomers will find it different from the typical role-playing formula they’re used to. Persona 5 requires a lot of socializing with companions and time management, but it’s way more fun than it sounds. Anyone ready to take the plunge for the first time should check out these 10 handy tips before stealing their first heart.

Persona 5 is out now on PS4 and PS3.

Source: Aniplex, Twitter