New Horror Game Perception Gets Trailer, Release Date

perception trailer release date

A team of former Bioshock and Dead Space developers at The Deep End Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming first-person horror game, Perception, and confirmed the game's official release date for later this spring. Perception will release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 30.

The new trailer shows off the mansion in New England where Perception takes place. You can take a peek at the horrors that await below.

The main protagonist of Perception is Cassie Thornton, a blind woman who must make her way through a mansion that is occupied by a supernatural force called "the presence." Cassie's only available tools are a walking stick, a smartphone, and her ability to hear. It's that last tool that will have the biggest impact on the gameplay, as every tap of the walking stick or sound will create a visualization on screen that the player can use to make decisions.

"You don't have shotguns and magic powers and all that," project lead Bill Gardner said in an interview with Gamespot when Perception was first announced in 2015. Gardner worked at Irrational Games for more than a decade before moving on, most recently serving as design director for Bioshock Infinite.

"All you can do when it's coming for you is run and hide; hop in a closet, get under the bed or the couch," Gardner added. And hope, pray that it just passes you by."

In other words, it sounds like this horror game will be more Outlast than Resident Evil. Players will have to use their wits and a limited number of resources to make it out alive instead of picking up a shotgun to take enemies down.

perception mansion

The game will play out across multiple chapters from different eras, with each chapter explaining all of the terrible things that have happened at the mansion. Gardner said it's definitely a narrative-driven experience and that players can travel back in time, completing changing the geometry of the mansion in the process.

Perception was funded on Kickstarter and is published by Poland-based publisher Feardemic. The crowdufnding campaign raised $168,000 on a goal of $150,000.

A spooky mansion in New England, a protagonist trying to solve a mystery and time travel across multiple chapters has us thinking of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem from the Nintendo Gamecube. It would be high praise if Perception turns out to be anywhere near as good as that 2002 Silicon Knights game, but we'll have to wait a little while longer to see if it can hold a candle to the other top horror games of 2017.

Perception releases May 30, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot

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