People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski reveals that the developer is currently working on a pair of new games, with a AAA shooter in the works at this minute.

When Bulletstorm was released back in 2011, the title turned out to be one of the cult hits of the last console generation. Although sales did not go quite as anticipated, developer People Can Fly – which also created Gears of War: Judgment and Painkiller – still maintained its strong reputation for thrilling, high-quality shooters. Now, People Can Fly has revealed that it has more projects in the works.

Speaking in an interview with GamePressure, Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly, announced that the studio is currently working on a new AAA shooter. People Can Fly apparently spent some time focusing on the concept stages of this new title, but starting work on development proper at the beginning of 2016. What’s more, the studio even has a major publisher lined up to take the game on.

As well as this major title in the works, People Can Fly also has a smaller game in development. However, Wojciechowski is remaining equally as cryptic regarding this title, not even revealing what genre the game will be. Thankfully, the CEO did state that more information would be appearing soon.

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People Can Fly has had a bit of a turbulent time over recent years. The studio fell under the wing of Epic Games back in 2012, after Epic became majority shareholder of the company. However, People Can Fly then split from Epic back in 2015, with the developer wanting to break away from solely working on Epic Games projects. Now, it seems as though the studio is back, and looking to work on its own ideas once more.

Just what these new games will be remains to be seen. However, many fans of the developer’s previous works are hoping that there may be at least some kind of spiritual successor in place. The ending of Bulletstorm was heavily weighted towards a sequel, and fans of the original would no doubt love to play another game in that world, complete with equally crazy video game guns. Since People Can Fly still owns the rights to the property, there’s no legal reason why the developer has to shy away from the franchise.

However, those hoping for more news soon may have a bit of a long wait on their hands. People Can Fly has yet to reveal any further information on either of the projects at this time, and has even stated that its new shooter will not even be officially revealed until next year. That may be a long time away, but who knows – perhaps the developer will let loose further snippets of information before the game is announced.

Source: GamePressure