Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Trailer Takes You Behind the Scenes

Goldeneye Wii Melee Attack Screen

Everyone who grew up during the Nintendo 64 era will have no doubt played a game of Goldeneye 007. The excitement of playing against three of your friends in a deathmatch as various Bond villains (or Bond himself, if you like) is almost incomparable. Developer EuroCom looks to bring back that feeling with their remake of the acclaimed and beloved shooter, in addition to adding a ton of other modes and bringing back all the old features.

In this Behind the Scenes video, Goldeneye's executive producer, Julian Widdows talks about what the team at EuroCom is doing for the multiplayer:


Goldeneye will be featuring online lobbies for matchmaking for up to eight players, but the developers are also focused on making sure the split-screen experience will retain that magical feeling of blasting your friends with rocket launchers or pelting them endlessly with proximity mines.

What I always enjoyed about Goldeneye multiplayer was the absurdity level. Infinite Rockets, Melee Only, or just Golden Gun mode, they were all fun and all engaging in their own ways and made for incredibly exciting matches. Subsequent first person shooters that have been released have had their own means of adding their own ridiculous types of game modes, but compared to Goldeneye, it doesn't have that same feel. Who can really match the awesomeness of throwing Oddjob's hat at someone at killing them? And not even in a visual way, I can throw it at someone's leg and they'll die, that is hilarious.

I am glad to see Goldeneye come back and bring its magic to this generation of gamers who would be new to the franchise, but I am also waiting for Goldeneye: Source to finally come out. Although, until that's finally all done and set, the EuroCom remake for Wii will be more than adequate.

Goldeneye 007 brings you shaken, and not stirred, multiplayer for Wii and DS on November 2, 2010.

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