The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have both launched to astounding success, each selling a million units on their respective first days of sale in North America, suggesting that consumers are adopting the new generation in a big way. That is in spite of numerous rising platforms challenging the console’s living room dominance in the mobilePC and handheld markets. The PC sector has seen a revitalisation of late anch each step of the way GPU creator Nvidia has voiced its doubts for the console market‘s future.

In light of both console launches, Nvidia still appears unfazed by the new generation’s sales figures. In an interview with MCVNvidia’s Consumer Sales Manager Matt Wright argued that for players looking for the best gaming experience should pick up a PC instead a new console.

“We are proposing small form-factor PCs to be a viable alternative to the next-gen consoles. Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC”

The PC is a flexible machine that can do many of the things that current gen consoles marketed heavily to persuade buyers. Twitch support, 60 fps 1080p resolution, larger game libraries of more affordable games and improved online play are all available on PCs and that’s before even factoring in all the other non-gaming related functions a PC can do. Wright echoed this sentiment and called the platform “far superior to any console.”

Nvidia Better On Next Gen

It’s worth pointing out that there are reasons that the PC isn’t the dominant console now.  To new buyers, it can be hard to understand the choice on offer. While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come out of the box the same for every consumer, PCs are interchangeable devices that can offer a daunting amount of choice for those uninitiated with how computers are built. It’s also important to note that for developers, it’s also easy to craft games around one platform design and set of specs.

Wright continues, explaining that Nvidia is trying to simplify the process and “become more relevant and appealing to casual gamers,” although he doesn’t specify what that entails. Recent reports, such as this one from Forbes, suggest that PC gaming is on the rise and could soon see the platform overtaking consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are providing incredible graphic intensive experiences for now, but with PC gaming moving so quickly it’s going to be hard for consoles to match that performance years down the line. Even now, the multiplatform titles still perform the best on high-end gaming rigs.

Valve’s Steam Machine, coming to retail next year, will be a serious experiment in upgradable consoles working with PC architectures, so time will tell if that is a viable alternative to a desktop computer and if it can appeal to traditional console gamers. Nvidia believers that ever increasing performance mixed with the functionality of computers makes it the better overall platform to its console cousins. Seeing how this tug of war plays out over the next few years is as interesting as it is exciting.

Source: MCV, Forbes

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