PC games Winter Sale is upon us! From $28 GTAV at GMG to $20 Mad Max at Steam Store, we break it all down below.

Steam, you’ve done it again. Not only are there thousands of PC gaming discounts from you, but the sale has made other PC game retailers boost discounts on their own sites to compete. We’ll cut to the chase: Steam has a huge selection of games and we’ve picked out some of the better deals (lowest historic pricing and popular titles). Having said that, several popular titles are not discounted on Steam, including Rocket League, which took a hefty 52% cut to $28 at GMG today in its Winter Sale.

Check out the lists below and let us know if we missed any uber hot deals – we think we’ve posted the best but you can only curate so many. Steam has the largest database of deals, but every deal we’ve posted from other retailers beats pricing at the Steam Store, hence their appearance below.

Update: Newly added deals includes Warhammer: End Times Vermintide for only $20, and Star Wars: Battlefront for even cheaper at $36 on Origin.

GMG Winter Sale

GMG’s Winter Sale is the largest of the non-Steam Store Winter Sales, with about 200 titles discounted up to 92% off list price. To get the best deals, you’ll have to use a coupon code which stacks up an additional 20% savings. New lows on several titles like Fallout 4Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Cities: Skylines, and Total War: Attila – making it a worthy sale to investigate. All titles listed below activate on Steam unless otherwise noted.


Steam Winter Sale

Thousands of PC titles with big discounts. What’s new this year is the lack of flash sales or daily deals, so what you see today is what will be available through January 4th, including new lows on Dying Light, LEGO: Jurassic World, Star Wars Collection and more. Given the new structure of the sale, you no longer need to wait until the last day of the sale to pick up a title you’re interested in.

Origin 2015 Holiday Sale

Origin’s sale is almost entirely on games that use EA’s Origin-DRM (imagine that). What’s hot in the sale are new lows on Triple-A EA published titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition, FIFA 16, The Sims 4, and more. While Origin carries plenty of Steam and Uplay activated titles, everything we’ve listed below activates on Origin.



GameStop doesn’t have an organized Winter Sale per se – however, they do have a few sparsely promoted deals worth checking out. Among the discounts is a hot $10 price on Skyrim Legendary Edition and relatively rare discounts on StarCraft II series.

GamersGate Holiday Sale

The 2015 edition of the GamersGate Holiday Sale changes every 48 hours. The latest batch includes heavy discounts on the recently released Grand Age: Medieval, the lowest price ever on Goat Simulator, and Torchlight 2 for only five bucks.

Combined, all the currently running Winter Sales would make a list of thousands of games. We’ve run through all the deals, and the 48 listed above are the ones we think are at the best price. Expect this list to get updated through New Year as all the retailers above are known to give a surprise deal or two through their respective sales period.

As mentioned above, if you spot something worthy from Steam and company’s Winter Sale not listed above, let us know and we’ll investigate and add 🙂