PC Made of Pasta is the Weirdest Thing You'll See Today

PC build lasagne pasta

While gamers don't usually think of PC builds as being "delicious", one YouTuber is challenging that by making a PC out of food. Micah Laplante has published a video showing how he made a PC out of lasagne, the classic and extremely tasty Italian pasta dish.

To make the computer, Laplante hot glued computer components (ripped from an Asus laptop) between sheets of uncooked lasagne pasta. The computer features a strip of USB ports and an HDMI port hot-glued to the lasagne sheets. It also has air vents made out of pasta, because safety is still important whether making a normal PC case or one made out of food.

The PC that Laplante had made wasn't just for show. The goal was to get the computer working - and the YouTuber did succeed in making this happen. After a minor issue with the computer's Windows operating system, Laplante installed Steam and started playing Rocket League. Laplante also used the PC to stream some videos on YouTube as well as some programs on Hulu. All of this is pretty impressive for a computer made out of (mostly) edible components.

The computer wasn't designed for longstanding play, and it's just as well as Laplante soon came across software problems. The Asus laptop that the components were taken from was old and hadn't been used in some time, and so it began to ask to install updates to Windows 10 on the PC. Laplante also had some difficulty in getting the controllers to work properly, as well as the Game Boy Advance emulator.

The success of the lasagne computer may have been short-lived, but Laplante at least gets to join the growing list of people who have rigged computers and accessories out of food. Overwatch streamers have managed to turn bunches of bananas into controllers to play as Winston, and turn a breadstick into a controller to play as Widowmaker.

Many other gamers have made non-edible and non-traditional rigs such as a dance mat controller to play Dark Souls and a a bongo controller to also play the From Software game. So, it's quite likely the trend of making controllers and PCs out of weird stuff will continue.

Source: YouTube - Laplanet Arts (via PC Gamer)

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