We’re still about 2 weeks away from the beginning of the Steam Winter Sale, but at least one PC gaming retailer isn’t afraid to launch their sale ahead of the pack. At GMG, dozens and dozens of titles are up to 90% off instantly, matching or beating what we would expect to see during Steam’s eventual sale. On top of that there’s a 10% off code you can stack for additional savings making some impressive prices as 2016 comes to an end.

Perhaps the best deal in the sale is the popular Civilization 6 Deluxe and Standard editions download prices hitting new lows. Now after the coupon, their prices have been reduced from $80 to $50 for the Deluxe edition and from $60 to $40 for the standard. Both are the lowest to date for a digital copy (note though that the physical copy of Civilization 6 was as cheap as $39.99 during Black Friday).

While the sale covers a wide variety of discounts, we should point out that currently there is a focus on several big publishers: 2K, Valve, and Warner Brothers. In the slightly smaller but noteworthy publisher side, all of IdeaFactory’s Eastern PC games are hitting new lows as well. For the big boys, Valve’s Complete Pack (which includes a copy of Counter-Strike: GO) is now reduced to only $17. Further down the list you’ll also see a range of Total War titles at heavily discounted price thanks to a Sila Games Winter Sale for the franchise.

Bonus: Besides the 10% off discount, for every game you buy at GMG during their Winter Sale promotion, you’ll receive a free mystery game. Most of the titles will be small value indie games, but select lucky gamers can receive Triple-A titles from years past such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, etc.

Additional 10% off coupon code: WINTER10

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Total Wars Winter Sales

GMG’s Winter Sale will run from now through January 9, a 9AM Pacific. There will be more game deals to come and we’ll keep this post updated to reflect the changes. Note that not all these deals will last through January 9th, and some of them will end on December 26 – just after Christmas. Check back frequently as we’ll be adding more PC Game Winter Sale deals as other digital retailers join in on the fray – and yes that includes the “big one” at Steam Store.