Payday 2 Adding Point Break DLC

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With the remake of beloved heist movie Point Break set to release this month, Overkill releases free and paid DLC that brings the characters and events into Payday 2.

The Payday series has never been shy about wearing its inspirations on its sleeve. The multiplayer shooter took equal parts Heat and Point Break, added a peppering of ridiculous 80’s shoot-em-ups like Cobra, and mixed liberally to create a bank heist game about shooting large guns and blowing things up.

It was Payday’s ridiculous set-ups and unique gameplay that attracted Payday 2 a significant fan following, leading to the title becoming large enough to get roped into a cross-promotion with modern “shoot everything that moves” movie John Wick. But developer Overkill has finally revealed the crossover that fans have been clamoring for; the heist movie fans have wanted to show up in Payday 2 so bad, it was like acid in their mouths. Point Break is coming to Payday 2, but the DLC will be based on the upcoming remake instead of the classic 80’s bro movie. Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn’t it?

With Point Break set to release on December 25th, Overkill has released all new content that brings the adrenaline-seeking Ex-Presidents of Point Break to the world of Payday 2, with both a free pack and paid DLC going live on December 3rd.


Like the free John Wick-centric release before it, the free Point Break DLC brings a new playable character in the form of Ex-Presidents leader (and former Patrick Swayze) Bohdi, along with an assortment of new weapons, perks, and masks.

For fans looking to relive the daring heists of Bohdi and Johnny Utah, Overkill has crafted two paid levels: “Beneath the Mountain” and “Birth of Sky.” “Beneath the Mountain” brings players, fittingly, beneath a mountain, where the team must take on all manner of security at an underground bunker. “Birth of Sky” mimics one of Point Break’s most famous moments, tasking players with committing a heist on a plane 20,000 feet in the air, all before parachuting to safety.

While Overkill CEO Bo Andersson-Klint has had a full plate dealing with fan criticism regarding Payday 2's "pay-to-win" content, he found time to praise the team-up, saying in a statement:

“Point Break has always been a huge inspiration for the Payday games, so to be able to integrate the film’s characters and story lines into Payday 2 is a dream come true.”

While Overkill has found itself in hot water with fans as of recently regarding the studios newfound stance to paid content, the studio has spared no expense putting together an homage to Point Break that fans will love. It stands to see if this DLC will be enough to keep fans around, or if gamers will declare, “This is stimulating, but we’re out of here.”

Payday 2 is currently available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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