Payday 2: 6 Heist Crews We Would Pay For

Now You See Me Payday

Payday 2 already has criminals from John Wick and Point Break as playable options and we're ready for more DLC. Here are our top picks for movie-inspired playable characters.

One of the sleeper hits of the last few year's has been the cooperative heist game, Payday 2. The game didn't make a ton of noise at launch, but has found a cult following and become incredibly popular on PC and consoles thanks to its fast gameplay and focus on strategy. In many ways, Payday 2 delivers the heist experience that gamers hoped would come out of GTA Online.

The original game and its sequel both feature a cast of bad guys that are inspired by film and TV's greatest bank robbers, but lately the DLC packs have gotten rid of some of the subtlety and started actually introducing movie characters into the game. John Wick joined the crew earlier this year and to celebrate the launch of the Point Break remake former FBI operative Bodhi is also now a playable character.

The introduction of these two characters has been incredibly well-received and we think the game is ready for some more movie inspired playable characters. Here are our top picks for upcoming DLC packs...

The Joker (The Dark Knight)

Joker Payday

This one would be a licensing nightmare, but we have to include it anyway. Payday 2 definitely pays homage to Heat with a few sly references and the opening bank robbery of The Dark Knight is basically a love letter to that movie. Although the Joker is usually known for being a homicidal maniac, it's pretty cool to think of him as a brilliant anarchistic heist crew leader, as well. And the existing clown masks would look great with a purple suit.

Sonny and Sal (Dog Day Afternoon)

Dog Day Afternoon Payday

When it comes to heist flicks, if Heat is the king, Dog Day Afternoon is the prince just waiting to take the throne. Sonny and Sal may not have been veteran crooks, but they make for an incredibly entertaining crew. Hopefully in the world of Payday they would be able to find a target with more than $1,000 in the vault...

Doug and Gem (The Town)

The Town Payday

Another heist crew that doesn't have a happy ending, but are there any that really do? The group of Boston buddies who throw on Nun costumes and bicker throughout each job would be a fantastic addition to Payday 2. Aside from the fact that the costumes are amazing, the accents and tension between the best friends would make for great banter during each heist.

Diane and Squad (Sugar and Spice)

Sugar and Spice Payday

The cheerleaders of Lincoln High School may seem like an unlikely match with the rest of the Payday criminals, but the girls have studied heist films and learned how to get their hands on illegal guns and ammo from the best. The current Payday system doesn't really support the kind of acrobatics that Diane's squad use to pull of heists in Sugar and Spice, but we have no doubt that the cheerleaders would still be an incredibly popular DLC pack.

Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, and Mr. Pink (Reservoir Dogs)

Reservoir Dogs Payday

Not only did Reservoir Dogs make Quentin Tarantino a household name, but the early 90s crime film also sparked a renaissance of heist and crime movies. The iconic crew with code names, matching suits, and affinity for violence likely already inspired a few of the existing Payday characters, but adding the two best characters from the movie into the game would be an amazing addition. We'd gladly drop a few dollars to unlock these smart mouthed hardened criminals.

Peter, Michael, and Samir (Office Space)

Office Space Payday

Stick with us here... Peter, Michael, and Samir may not have experience with fully automatic assault rifles, but these guys can plant a virus and get away with millions of dollars overnight. It's hard to completely avoid violence in a Payday heist, but heading into a job with this stealth/tech crew would be a ton of fun. They've already got the business casual suits ready to go.

Honorable Mentions

Inception Payday

This list could go on forever, but we had to narrow it down to the six coolest options that might fit in with the existing Payday 2 gameplay and mechanics. Some other logical options included the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels crew and The Usual Suspects characters. Danny Ocean and friends almost made the cut, but seemed a little too non-violent to fit in. On the other end of the spectrum, Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers were also on the list at one point, but seemed just a touch too homicidal for the Payday universe.

If the game wasn't based in reality and offered some weirded options for robbery, then the crews from Now You See Me, Inception, and Ant-Man might make good additions.

Is there a crew you would like to see added as DLC that we didn't mention? How much are you willing to pay for new Payday characters? Let us know in the comments.

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