PAX South Announced for Early 2015 in San Antonio, Texas

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After several years of dominating the northern corners of the continental United States, the Penny Arcade Expo has set its sights on the south. Starting in the early part of 2015, the Penny Arcade Expo’s usual slate will now include a fourth annual event, PAX South, which will take place in San Antonio, Texas.

With PAX East 2014 up, running, and dominating the video game conversation, Penny Arcade wanted to get the announcement out now in order to capitalize. PAX South will run from January 23rd to January 25th and will take place at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

The addition of PAX South gives the Penny Arcade Expo four annual events, three of which take place within the United States. Just last year, the Expo expanded to international territories with PAX Australia, and it seems Penny Arcade wants to keep that expansion ball rolling.

As Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo explains, the company was always looking to expand to the South, and it was really just a matter of when not if. Although the Penny Arcade Expo has been able to cover two halves of the country with PAX Prime (in Seattle) and PAX East (in Boston), those events are also in the upper portions of the US. Now, PAX will seemingly have more of its bases covered, until the inevitable PAX North announcement.

“Since its launch in 2004, PAX events have doubled in size almost every year, and our Seattle and Boston events represent the two largest gaming festivals in North America. We’ve been hearing for years that those in the south had a tough time making it to the northern corners of the country; PAX South has always been a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if.'”

While E3 is typically ground zero for major gaming announcements, it is also a fairly restrictive event, catering specifically to the media. PAX, on the other hand, is a fan-focused event that celebrates all facets of gaming — indie, tabletop, PC, and console. As a result, PAX Prime and PAX East are two of the largest gaming conventions in the world.

And now with PAX South, Penny Arcade will further expand their reach while also giving developers and publishers yet another opportunity to show off or announce a game, only much earlier in the year. Location might be an important selling point to attendees, but the timing of PAX South could be very appealing to game makers.

Are you happy that PAX South was announced? Do you think you might attend the event?

Source: Penny Arcade

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