Sure to be the first of many games to be releasing some brand new footage during PAX Prime 2011, Bethesda and id Software have unveiled a new gameplay video of RAGE, showing players one of the missions that will be encountered during the game.

So what kind of crazy things will you have to do for people in a post-asteroid Earth? Find and steal a brand new power source from some mean people, for starters.

The gameplay illustrates a lot of aspects of RAGE that have been previously talked about, including the employment of sentry bots and other weapons and a variety of enemies that the player will be up against. Enemy A.I. and gunplay is very much on display. Id seems very keen, using this video, on showing gamers how enemies will be reacting to certain types of actions the player will take. They scatter at the sight of grenades, panic when being attacked by spider-drones, and gib when shot in the face.

RAGE is playable at PAX Prime 2011 and perhaps the game will have tightened up a bit more since we last got our hands on it during E3 2011.

Check out the footage below and make your own conclusion. The story presented is a simple mission: The mayor of Subwaytown (seems like post-apocalyptic cities are commonly verb/noun-Town) presents the player with an objective: A brand new substance, made from feltrite and plutonium, that will help power Subwaytown is surrounded by bandits. Kill the bandits. Easy peasy, right? This looks like it will be one of the earlier missions to help players orient themselves to RAGE‘s gameplay and features.

Check it out below.


Using drones seems to be a big part of setting yourself up for success in RAGE. Drones provide cover fire, a distraction, or a just a general force multiplier to help the player thin out the waves of enemies. Of course, they’re working pretty well against bandits, but against the more technologically advanced entity of the Authority, they might not do jack.

What are you thinking of RAGE so far?

RAGE releases October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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