PAX Prime 2011 Pre-Registration Open, Adds PAX Dev

David Jaffe Keynotes PAX Prime 2011

Pre-registration is now open for the west coast event, Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2011. This year introduces a bit of a twist though, stretching the 3-day event to 5 days, at least for developers.

PAX Dev, a new event centered around the developer community, will be taking place the Wednesday and Thursday (August 24-25) before the main event (August 26-29).

What will make PAX Dev different than something like the Game Developers Conference? Rather than focus on the fast paced, business and marketing oriented aspects of game development, developers will be free of any interference like press relations or the the madhouse of the exhibition floor. PAX Dev will not just be limited to video game developers, but also pen-and-paper, collectible card games, and board games.

The origins of PAX Dev stemmed from acquaintances of Robert Khoo, business manager of Penny Arcade and director of PAX, who approached Khoo asking him to host an intimate event where developers could openly share and discuss ideas. Khoo says of the new addition:

"There are events that are great for signing your next deal or promoting your current project, but that’s not PAX Dev.  We’re 100 percent focused on the craft of game development."

(On including analog developers)

“There is this odd distinction where some shows are just for video games or just table top and collectable cards or just board game.  But we’ve all seen how ideas in one segment can feed and influence innovation in another part of the game industry.  Having representatives from all of the extended game development family can only make PAX Dev stronger."

Game developers of all kinds can pre-register now for PAX Dev for $249 ($329 at the door), and only 750 spots will be available for this maiden voyage. Panel submissions are also being taken for the event.

For those who aren't involved in the game development business, civilian pre-registration is also open for the price of $60, with individual day passes costing $35.

Not convinced PAX Prime is worthy of your time? 67,000 people will beg to differ with you. Last year, the event brought the first playable build of Duke Nukem Forever, one of the largest reveals in gaming history. There is a vast amount to do at PAX Prime, be it testing a yet-to-be-released title, playing a pick-up game of Dungeons & Dragons, or staring in a mixture of awe and madness at Wil Wheaton. It's a great place to visit.

Don't forget to check out our interview with Robert Khoo - who puts the show together.

PAX Prime will be running from Friday, August 26 2011 through Sunday, August 29 2011. Mark your calendars.

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