The Paul Gale Network Has A Big PS3 Announcement Today

Paul Gale Network PS3 Announcement Game October

[UPDATE: Check out the full details on Gale's announcement - a Sony franchise version of Super Smash Bros.]

Paul Gale, personal trainer, video gamer, martial artist, regular artist, voice actor and regular actor, is making a big announcement today. He has already revealed that it's about a PlayStation 3 game, but hasn’t really given the public more than that… or has he?

For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Gale’s work, you aren’t alone. Visiting his "About" page, people are likely to see a section longer than anyone could humbly write about themselves. If you can’t find it, it’s next to the “Paul’s Friends” sections that literally lists all the people he has connections to who are well known names in the industry. A great read.

Without his "About" section however, it might be hard to know who this guy is or why he would have access to this information unless you already follow his writing on other gaming websites. Word is he has made a few other overly dramatic announcements like this, so his fans and followers probably won’t be as taken aback as much as the newer folks will.

As for the announcement, The Paul Gale Network has given three hints as to what the game could be. The three hints include Paul dressed in martial arts attire behind a waterfall, Paul dressed as James Bond, and Paul dressed as a character from TRON. Surprisingly absent was Paul Gale dressed as The Riddler. These hints don't give us a lot of information about the news (but a lot about Paul). It’s also not exactly clear what the public is supposed to be figuring out. One might assume that this game is already something familiar with fans, such as a sequel, otherwise it’d be near impossible to guess.

In an update, Paul says the announcement will come around 4pm PDT today. He also says that no one has been able solve the mystery just yet. At least we're sure what system this game is for, unlike poor Miss Rainie Yang, who seems to have trouble with those sorts of things.

If there are any readers who enjoy taking shots in the dark then leave a comment with your best guess. The November 2011 game guide might help point you in the right direction.

Source: Paul Gale Network

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