While Rocksteady Studios will be ushering in a new Silver Age of Batman with their recently rumored prequel, there will be one integral piece of the Batman team that will be, as of right now, left behind. Paul Dini, writer on both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has confirmed that he has not been tasked with writing the previously mentioned next Batman title.

That isn’t to say Dini wouldn’t like to be involved — his interactions with fans via Twitter suggests he would have loved to go back to London — but apparently things didn’t work out this time around. Perhaps this is the first suggestion in a long list of details that imply Rocksteady is trying something markedly different with this prequel, starting fresh so to speak.

Or maybe the inclusion of the Justice League — something gamers have been clamoring for from Rocksteady for quite some time — has allowed the developer to reach out to other key DC Comics writers for assistance. Warner Bros. have already shown they are not afraid of integrating all of their key DC Comics properties into one game, as exemplified in LEGO Batman 2, but we’d imagine this title would be something wholly different from that.

It’s still fairly early in the development process for Rocksteady to start talking about writers, or to confirm any of the rumors we’ve been hearing about this Silver Age prequel, but knowing Dini is out definitely affirms a new direction. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were a perfect complement much in the same way Nolan’s trilogy built up to something significant, and now it leaves Rocksteady with the freedom to try something new.

What exactly that might be we don’t know, but if it slowly incorporates other members of the Justice League, and faithfully adapts them as well as Batman, then we’re all for it.

How do you feel about Paul Dini not writing Rocksteady’s next Batman game? What DC writer would you hope steps in to fill Dini’s absence?

Source: Paul Dini