Patapon is an awesome game, so at last month’s E3 when Sony announced Patapon 3, with a new multiplayer mode, people were pumped to play it on the show floor.

Apparently, Sony would like to spread the excitement to those of you who were not able to attend this year’s E3 by releasing a demo of the upcoming title. The demo will feature some of the multiplayer goodness that has garnered the 3rd installment, Patapon 3, so much anticipation… well, by myself anyway.

The PSP exclusive Patapon 3 demo is going to hit the PSN on July 6 – hopefully a sign that we can look forward to the full game soon (as it currently doesn’t have a release date).

On top of the brand new online multiplayer, some new things added to the series are, of course, some new Patapon.

One new character that has been talked about is the “Superhero Patapon”, and when I say has been talked about I mean Sony named him and then didn’t release any follow-up information. We’ll probably get more details on the new “Superhero Patapon” when the demo hits. For now, I’m going to assume that when the Superhero PataponĀ is not on battle he’ll be living out his secret identity – which is conveniently only known by his arch nemesis.

patapon 3 demo

Details have been pretty slim on Patapon 3, but odds are it’ll just be more of the same – beat drums in accordance with the linear pattern to control your army and ruthlessly kill any animal or enemy that dares stand in your way. I’ve never had a bad time playing Patapon, but it can get pretty ruthless.

Anyone who played the desert level in the first game will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Does the Patapon 3 demo tickle your fancy? What are you hoping to see in the multiplayer mode?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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