If you are having trouble resetting your password in order to gain access to the newly resurrected PSN, then you are not alone. Sony is reporting that with so many requests from gamers to reset their PSN password (a requirement for access to the PlayStation Network), the service needed to be shut down for a brief moment in order to get back up to speed.

Though this brief hiccup led to a small downtime, it’s nothing compared to the almost month long hiatus the PSN experienced after the April 19th hack. This shut down wasn’t so much about a system overload, but more in response to a large amount of user requests.

Furthermore, Sony is also reporting that with the ton of password reset requests, many of the related emails are taking some time to clear users’ various ISPs. Gamers who are growing impatient and thinking that their password reset has gone not through are asked to wait a bit longer for the email to go through.

Of course waiting on a password-reset email is not necessary for those users who use their own PS3 console for the update. By simply logging into your account, any user can reset their password right from their console, and be off and gaming in no time.

Sure, gamers might be quick to jump on Sony for their inability to handle a large magnitude of requests, but this is just a minor speed bump in the first phase of bringing the PSN back up to full strength.

So no, the PlayStation Network did not go down again as a result of another attack, it was simply Sony trying to regroup after a large amount of gamers requested a password reset. For now the PSN is online, but if it does happen again Sony just asks that users remain patient and confident that this is only Sony trying to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Are there any gamers out there who are unable to access the PlayStation Network at this moment? Feel free to share your PSN password reset experience in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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