Am I being too harsh in titling this article? Don’t blame me. Those are Sony’s words.

It’s all a part of the fun though as Sony is toying with the gimmick of downplaying their developer iFun4All and creating a game with the goal of making it terrible. Crap of Defense, the original iPhone/iPod version came out and against their wishes, earned positive reviews. Now, it’s releasing under its new name, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder and hoping for the same outcome in North America.

Here’s a snippet from the update on the official PlayStation Blog:

We consider iFun4All one of the worst developers in the world, let alone Europe. We’re a small team, consisting mostly of a few talentless drunkards scattered about a few remote villages. With our limited funds and even more limited access to power and internet, creating truly great games just isn’t a real possibility. We instead decided to go the other way, and set out to create the worst games of all time.

A strong and laugh-worthy marketing strategy that actually works!

The point of the update was to reveal that Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is available today on PSN in our neck of the woods so you might want to check it out if you’re a PSP player. The game puts you in control of a tank, defending yourself against waves and waves of … soldiers. Everything, from your enemy to the effects of your tank shells exploding is stylzed with paper illustrations, hence the title

You can fire a variety of weapons against vehicles as well, including trucks and everyone’s favorite robots. Watch the trailer to see the violent reality that is Paper Wars:

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder has been available in Asia and Europe since last year and as of today, is available in the U.S. for the PSP Mini.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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