Nintendo World 'Paper Mario 3DS' Gameplay Video

Paper Mario 3DS Trailer

Paper Mario is definitely one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS - the only problem is that Nintendo hasn't revealed much about it.

This past weekend, Nintendo World confirmed a Japanese release date and launch line-up, but didn't reveal much about the upcoming handheld title.

Even with the lack of any Paper Mario news the game still made an appearance at Nintendo World, although the game didn't appear in any playable capacity at the event, a new trailer was shown playing in 3D on the 3DS displays.

The footage taken from the show floor is a little rough and doesn't provide crystal clear footage or sound. Still, the game still looks to be as awesome and intuitive as the other Paper Mario games. The trailer doesn't reveal much in terms of story, not that we would know if it did anyway - because it's in Japanese. However, the trailer does reveal some very interesting scenarios that players will have to guide Mario through - in order to presumably rescue Princess Peach for the 2,536th time.

Check out Paper Mario on the 3DS in action after a brief intermission.


Watching that footage gives a good idea of what the game will be like in 3D, and after watching the trailer it makes perfect sense why Nintendo would want to create this game for their 3D handheld. The feel of this Paper Mario looks to be even more so like a pop-up book than the other installments - and this is most obviously because of the three-dimensional effects brought fourth by the amazing technology in the 3DS. Bob-Ombs will float out of the screen at players, landscapes will stretch outside of the 2D plane - and coins will literally jump out at eager gamers.

Paper Mario looks to be a phenomenal game for the 3DS and after watching the one minute teaser it's easy to see why Nintendo decided to make this game. Paper Mario has yet to be given a release date, or even an official name, but that will likely change in the months leading up to, and after, the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

Are you looking forward to Paper Mario 3DS? What did you think of the footage?

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