An Amazon listing may have just leaked the release date for the first piece of paid DLC set to release for The Division, the subterranean Underground expansion.

It’s been three months since The Division released to enormous sales figures, and now players are eager to see more content added into Ubisoft’s ambitious online shooter. Fortunately for them, information leaked via an Amazon product listing might suggest that the game’s first piece of paid DLC isn’t too far off.

Download codes for the upcoming expansion to The Division known as Underground have appeared on the regional Amazon storefronts for Germany and the United Kingdom, according to a report from VG247. These now-removed product pages listed the DLC’s release date at June 28, 2016.

Underground was actually unveiled ahead of the game’s initial release, back when Ubisoft first detailed its season pass. The DLC seems to be set in the labyrinthine series of tunnels that makes up the skeleton of New York City’s subway system.

Ubisoft’s official site for The Division notes that Underground challenges players to take down enemies with a band of three other agents, as they journey through an ‘endless maze.’ For this reason, there’s some speculation that the expansion will offer up a co-op horde mode that used a partially randomized map.

the division gear sets

However, we won’t have to wait too long to found out exactly what the DLC is comprised of. If this release date is accurate, there’s only a few weeks until launch, and Ubisoft will likely spend that time promoting the expansion — a full reveal at E3 seems like a no-brainer at this point.

The Amazon listing for Underground also confirms how Microsoft’s timed exclusivity agreement for DLC released in support of The Division will work. Unlike the free updates we’ve seen over the past few months, players on PC and the PlayStation 4 will have to wait thirty days from the content’s initial release date to download the expansion.

Conversely, the Microsoft set will be able to preload the expansion as early as June 25, although of course it won’t be playable until the release date arrives.

Ubisoft will be hoping that the Underground expansion helps The Division reclaim some of the momentum it enjoyed straight out of the gate. After a hugely successful launch, the game has been bogged down among widespread cheating and a perceived  lack of content — but the right sort of DLC could help put the shooter back on the right track.

The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: VG247