Pachter on Download-Only Games: “No Chance in Hell”

By | 6 years ago 

When it comes to video games becoming available only through download, Pachter says there’s “no chance in hell.”

His opinion comes to us from his series, Pach Attack, on

“We’re not going to ever have a mandated download as long as we have any device that’s not connected to the internet. … It’s all the gamers that are not connected — that’s the 35% of Xbox 360 owners, the 65% of Wii owners — that are going to keep games from being mandated downloadable. … There is a reason why you wouldn’t have a device that’s connected to the internet. One is, you don’t have a router. You don’t have wi-fi in your house. … That’s half of all households.”

Quite an interesting opinion you have there, Mr. Pachter. Especially when compared to your opinion on Ubisoft’s new DRM, which you praised, even though it requires gamers to have a persistent internet connection to play – even if that cuts out all the people who don’t have good internet connections, or who don’t have wireless routers. Blizzard recently did the same when they announced that StarCraft 2 has no offline LAN connectivity.

The penetration of broadband internet in the United States has been growing at a ridiculous rate since its inception and creation as a public service. Every year, a large number of people worldwide jump on the internet bandwagon, and with people like Google pushing new internet technologies, the date that download-only becomes a reality seems not too far away.  It’s also way cheaper than distributing physical game copies, and with more and more companies pushing DLC, the idea certainly isn’t far-fetched. This writer says, why not?

Ranters, would you ever buy a download-only game? If your favorite game was download only, and you didn’t have the internet, what would you do?