Pachter Already Declares 3DS Winner Over PSP2

Pachter Predictions

What kind of week would it be without a look into the future from the master of gaming mysticism himself, Michael Pachter. His new “prediction” falls pretty squarely into the “duuuh” category, but it stands to reason that he needs to actually be correct every now and then for people to keep listening to him. Get ready for some serious spoilers, but Pachter says that Nintendo’s 3DS is going to outsell Sony’s PSP2. Take a breath, try and contain the shock.

Here’s what Pachter had to say about the upcoming throw-down between the two handhelds:

"I think that the 3DS will outsell the PSP2, because the 3DS is new and different, while the PSP2 is likely going to be a souped up version of the old PSP. Thus, I think that 3DS will have greater success in capturing the consumer's imagination.”

Pachter went on to compare this situation to the Kinect vs. Move battle for next-gen motion supremacy. While that analogy may be accurate, it’s also completely unnecessary. One need not look further than the original round between these two handheld heavyweights to see that at this point, it looks like history is already repeating itself.

Just like they did with the original DS’s two screens and touch controls, Nintendo is looking to find a novel way to get gamers excited about their device. This time around that just so happens to be the current 3D craze. So far, it seems to be working, as some are more than willing to shell out the $250 needed to own Nintendo’s new knick-knack.

On the other hand, what is Sony doing? They are busy talking up the horsepower under the hood, just like they did with the original PSP. They want players to part with their pennies over the idea of current-gen-level games in portable form. It is indeed odd that this is the direction Sony is going again, when consumers didn’t really respond to it that well over the long haul the first time around.

With the DS handily beating the pants off the PSP in nearly every single category that matters to the average consumer, all joking aside, Pachter isn’t really going out on much of a limb here. Nintendo has a gift for positioning their portables as great, must-have pure gaming devices. Sony is still trying (failing?) to compete with the iPhone and other handheld media devices, and getting “Hip Joe Businessman” to ignore the fact that the PSP2 is a game machine. The house that PlayStation built isn't listening to gamers who say that they’d rather play these types of games on their big televisions at home.

What do the Ranters think? Is Sony doomed to repeat its mistakes? Will this be another PSPgo? How desperate was Pachter for an easy win? Let us know!

You’ll be able to see just how well the Nintendo 3DS sells when the system launches on March 27, 2011.

Source: IncGamers

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