Massive Pac-Man Corn Maze Created by Idaho Farm

The Pac-Maize "title card"

Have you ever been to a corn maze and thought, “This is great and all, but it’d be better if it was video-game-themed?" Well, a farm in Idaho has you covered, as they’ve cut their corn crop this year to resemble a game of Pac-Man from the air.

Interesting corn mazes are nothing new; a quick web search reveals everything from Game of Thrones-themed mazes to ones featuring the Mario brothers, and even one with Yogi Bear. Plus, remember a few months ago when Bioware made a corn maze to promote the upcoming Anthem? Since the days when crop circles were one of the greatest mysteries of the world, corn mazes have been a great way for farmers to flex some creative muscle while also creating attractive displays for the public.

As part of their annual Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival, The Farmstead in Idaho decided to create an 18-acre “Pac-Maize.” This massive expanse of corn is split up into several “phases” and features all the Pac-Man trappings: the iconic fruits, ghosts, and of course, Pac-Man himself.

It seems to be a great addition to the festival, with lots of families attending to check out the maze and surrounding attractions. Whether or not it's meant as a tribute to the passing of Masaya Nakamura - founder of Namco - wasn't mentioned, but it's an interesting coincidence if not.

The expanse of the maze.

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making a corn maze, which makes the intricacy of this one even more impressive. Plus, bringing in a video game theme is an easy way to potentially attract a wider audience to the maze; sure, you won’t be getting chased by Pac-Man ghosts, but it’s still great fun to get lost in the stalks before finding your way back out again.

Video game pumpkin carvings are already hugely popular, so it’s great to see corn mazes getting in on the action. Who knew that agriculture would be the next big thing to cross over with games? Of course, the corn must be harvested sometime, so if you’re in the Idaho area, you might want to pop by and check out the maze.

Source: CNN

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