Markus “Notch” Persson is a busy man. The creator of Minecraft started Mojang from the ground-up and turned it into a multiplatform launch title company, built plenty of drastically different games, and has even been labeled one of the most influential people in the world. It’s clear he’s got a lot on his plate at any given time, and sometimes these projects can creep up on a developer, so much so that he’s canceled a highly anticipated game.

Notch has announced he’s moving 0x10c into the shadows, but fans of the game have responded to this news by ambitiously declaring they’ll recreate the game from the ground up – though the heights of space are so far, far away.

When Notch first announced 0x10cx, he was very passionate about the Firefly-esque creation-in-progress. Details and updates came sporadically and it got to the point where Notch himself stated that the game might never come to fruition if he wasn’t satisfied with its direction. Earlier this week, Notch made the fateful announcement that he was finished with his own development of the game, though he wouldn’t mind if another Mojang developer continued from where he left off.

Fans on the 0x10c subreddit weren’t too pleased to hear the news, and a movement of loyal fans banded together to declare that they’d recreate the game from the ground-up using none of the existing materials/code from Notch. Due to the legal issues of such a task, they’ve dubbed their new game Project Trillek and aim to start work on the game as soon as they have a sufficient number of team members assembled. Since not much was ultimately shown from 0x10c, if the game is ever completed it’ll be more of the fan’s vision of the spaceship simulator than it ever was Notch’s.

Mojang Cobalt Screenshot

Notch, a repeatedly proven java programmer, often creates small-scale games in his free time, sometimes as part of competitions. This month, he revealed a new title called Shambles, which gamers can check out by clicking here. Designed in seven days, it’s a first-person-shooter where the player is dropped into a simplistic urban environment. Players must shoot, stab or punch zombies while avoiding accidentally hurting civilians and police officers. The free-to-play game, as often is the case with Notch, is very impressive for something designed in a week. It’s also a noticeable improvement over the already impressive Left 4K Dead game he produced in another challenge, which astoundingly totals less than 4 kilobytes in filesize.

Mojang has been hard at work on several different titles outside of the Minecraft realm, the biggest of which is Scrolls. Their third-party developer Oxeye announced at Gamescom that Cobaltin development since 2011 – will release on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The multiplayer platformer represents Mojang’s first foray into third-party development, and features crazy combat – including karate-chopping missiles in half. While fan reaction to Cobalt has been mixed, the studio still has plenty of time to update the game – especially considering it currently has no release date.

Gamers interested in entering a paid alpha PC version of Cobalt can peruse their website here.

What do you think, Ranters? What are your thoughts on all these non-Minecraft happenings at Mojang?

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