There are a few modes available in other multiplayer games that Overwatch hasn’t embraced quite yet, mostly due to its unique team based gameplay style. For those who want something akin to those modes, or just want to try something a little different, they turn to the custom game mode.

Perhaps inspired by Call of Duty‘s long history of zombie modes, one player has managed to create a zombie survival mode of his own in Overwatch.

The rules are pretty simple: survivors win when the time runs out, survivors turn into zombies if they die, and zombies win the game once every survivor is converted. This works through a bot that remains in spectator mode and detects if a player dies, then switches their team.

At this point, there are only two playable characters, Torbjorn and Reinhardt. Torb is used to set up turrets as barricades, while Reinhardt mindlessly swings at opposing players or obstacles in his way. From the trailer for the mode it looks like zombies get a speed boost to up the anxiety.

It looks to be an early concept, given the limited number of playable heroes, but it has potential. If Blizzard caught on and developed this for, say, Halloween, it could work nicely alongside the Dr. Junkenstein event. To join up, head to the mode’s website, which is displayed at the end of the trailer, and sign up for the queue.


If new maps are a greater interest, Blizzard has announced one will debut this Monday at Gamescom 2017, followed by an all-new animated short on Wednesday. There are no details yet on what area of the world the new map will take place, but it will likely be associated with a particular character.

Currently, Overwatch players are enjoying the return of the Summer Games and Lucioball. The event comes with the same skins from last year, with a few new summer themed skins added on — including a very fatherlike skin for Soldier: 76 that has him ready for any summer barbecue.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.