Overwatch announces its next seasonal event, which will be themed around the Chinese New Year, called Year of the Rooster with glimpses of Mei and D.Va.

Overwatch garnered multiple Game of the Year awards in 2016, and besides its impeccable design, character, and charm, one of the reasons it won so much was Blizzard’s commitment to supporting the game with numerous updates and live events. The last event, for example, was Winter Wonderland, which ran through December for the Christmas holiday.

Some fans recently caught wind of some new voice lines on Overwatch‘s public test realm that led to assumptions that the next event would be around Valentine’s Day. While Overwatch could still get a Valentine’s Day event, there’s another event coming to the game before that would potentially happen. Blizzard has officially announced that Year of the Rooster will be the coming later this month.

Year of the Rooster is themed around Chinese New Year, which for 2017 is, of course, the year of the rooster. The event will start on January 24th, but thus far Blizzard has not revealed when it will end. However, the first tease for the Year of the Rooster event included a new Mei skin:

Game Informer reported that the Korean Overwatch account also tweeted out a teaser video for Year of the Rooster, but instead of featuring Mei, it shows D.Va in her skin for the event:

This is just a “Save the Date” announcement for Year of the Rooster, with Blizzard expected to give more details in the coming days. The past two events, Winter Wonderland and Halloween Terror, offered some great content for fans to jump into. Presumably there will be new themed loot boxes, but there could also be a new mode as well. The Halloween Terror introduced the Junkenstein’s Revenge co-op, PvE mode, for example.

As for Winter Wonderland, that event added multiple game variants to the Arcade playlist, like Snow Brawl, the 6v6 mode that had players throwing snowballs as Mei. Additionally, a few few maps got a holiday makeover, and a holiday comic was released.

overwatch year of the rooster dva

There’s no telling how much content Year of the Rooster will introduce, but fans don’t have to wait too long to see for themselves. And a full reveal of the event and what it entails is sure to come before that.

Blizzard is using the tagline, “Good luck and great fortune await!,” which could be referring to the RNG loot boxes, or possibly something else. The update could also roll in some of the changes currently on the PTR, which features balance tweaks to Roadhog, Ana, and Sombra. Keep checking Game Rant for more information in the coming days.

Are you excited for Year of the Rooster? What kinds of skins or game modes do you think it could bring to the game?

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.