Overwatch: Blizzard Unveils $150 Widowmaker Statue


Without a doubt, Overwatch is one of the most highly revered titles from last year, as it has not only won Game of the Year at the DICE Awards 2017, but also continues to see its huge player base grow at a nearly exponential rate as each season of play progresses onward. With that being the case, it's safe to presume that the team-based shooter's legions of fans would be more than happy to get their hands on ancillary collectibles like Blizzard's recently revealed statue for the game's hero Widowmaker.

As seen below in the trailer for the Widowmaker figure, Overwatch's purple-skinned sniper stands at 13.5 inches tall on a base that bears the game's logo, and can be pre-ordered now for $150. While some might be quick to decry such a high price tag, it's worth noting that the statue has been hand-sculpted by Blizzard artists, with all of its details–her tattoos and bodysuit, included– having been hand-painted as well.

Those Overwatch fans among us with incredibly deep pockets who are looking to score as many Widowmaker figures as possible might be dismayed to learn that Blizzard is limiting customers to two statues apiece. Even so, the developer has declared that delivery for the statues is scheduled "before the end of Q3," as the company didn't offer an exact time as to when fans should expect to receive them.

As it happens, Widowmaker isn't the first Overwatch hero to get such a highly-detailed statue, as Blizzard also released premium collectible models for the time-jumping adventurer Tracer and the ghost-like assassin Reaper a while back. It's worth noting, though, that the first production run for Tracer sold out relatively quickly, so fans might want to pre-order their Widowmaker statues posthaste.

While Blizzard's Widowmaker statue is decidedly fantastic, there may be some fans out there who don't have the dispensable income required to purchase her. Should that be the case, Overwatch has put out plenty of different toys based on the heroes from the game, such as the less expensive, but still cool Funko Pop figures. Although they may not be as intricately detailed as the premium versions of the Tracer, Reaper, and Widowmaker statues, most respectable collectors would proudly display them among their favorite gaming memorabilia.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard, PlayOverwatch – YouTube

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