Overwatch Event Hides Sad Widowmaker Easter Egg


With Overwatch's Insurrection event taking place seven years before the start of the game, Blizzard has the unique opportunity to explore what certain characters were like in the past. This includes Widowmaker, whose past will be reflected by a new skin showing what she looked like before she was blue, and a new spray to remind fans of her tragic backstory.

Widowmaker's new spray, which will be added to Overwatch tomorrow, shows a newlywed Widowmaker, aka Amelie Lacroix, posing for a photo with her husband, Gerard, on their wedding day. For those unaware, Gerard worked in Overwatch, tasked with fighting back against the Talon terrorist organization.

To get at Gerard, Talon captured Widowmaker, brainwashed her, and then ordered her to assassinate him. Widowmaker completed her mission by killing Gerard in his sleep, and then continued to work for the Talon organization in the following years.

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Eventually, the brainwashing from the Talon organization took such a toll on Widowmaker that it permanently turned her skin blue (a result of slowing her heart rate down as slow as possible to make her a more efficient sniper) and damaged her in other ways as well. Despite this, Widowmaker is still one of Talon's most valuable assets, and she has been used to carry out successful assassinations against high profile targets, including the likes of Tekhartha Mondatta, an Omnic monk who is basically the Overwatch version of someone like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.

While Widowmaker has been ruthless in the animated shorts and shows a complete lack of emotion in the game, it's still hard not to feel sorry for her. After all, she was brainwashed into killing her husband, and is still being used by Talon for nefarious purposes, often finding herself at odds with her former Overwatch comrades.

Widowmaker's tragic backstory makes her new spray important in terms of lore. And due to its story significance, one has to imagine that Widowmaker's wedding spray will become one of the most popular of the 100 plus new items coming to loot boxes with tomorrow's Insurrection update, especially for Widowmaker fans.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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