Overwatch: 6 Weird Facts About Sigma

overwatch weird facts about sigma

Shortly after the character was leaked, Blizzard began releasing official teasers for Hero 31 in Overwatch - an eccentric scientist named Sigma. The game's first new tank hero since the introduction of Wrecking Ball, and the 10th post-launch character to be added to the game since launch, Sigma has so far proven to be fairly popular among the Overwatch community, with many hotly anticipating his exit from the PTR and introduction to the full game.

While we still aren't sure exactly when Sigma will be coming to the full game in Overwatch, we've learned plenty about the character's origin story, both in-game and in real life. This has included some interesting tidbits and weird facts about the character that casual Overwatch fans may not be aware of.

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Here are six weird facts about Sigma in Overwatch.

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6 He Got His Powers in an Experiment Gone Wrong

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Before he was known as the Talon operative "Sigma," Overwatch's Hero 31 was an astrophysicist named Dr. Siebren de Kuiper. De Kuiper devoted his life to researching gravity, conducting experiments that accidentally resulted in the creation of a black hole. The black hole gifted de Kuiper with some control over gravity, but it also tore his mind apart and left him a psychological mess. De Kuiper was quarantined on Earth, given the name "Subject Sigma," and became a science experiment himself. Eventually, the Talon terrorist organization learned of de Kuiper's existence, freed him from his prison, and helped him to better control his dangerous powers.

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5 He is the Oldest Overwatch Hero

overwatch sigma character art

Those that follow the Overwatch lore know that the game is set 30 years after a conflict known as the Omnic Crisis, which was the reason why the titular hero group "Overwatch" was originally formed. Since the game is set 30 years after the formation of the group, many of the playable characters in Overwatch are in their 50s, and some are even in their 60s. Tank hero Reinhardt had been the oldest Overwatch hero since the game's launch in 2016 at age 61, but now Sigma has taken his spot as oldest hero at 62 years old.

4 He Might Be A Fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson

overwatch sigma barefeet

Overwatch is full of easter eggs, with its sprays, emotes, and voice lines often making clever references. Sigma's customization options are no exception, with his hero select voice line "There is no obligation for the universe to make sense to you" quoting Neil deGrasse Tyson. This seems to indicate that Sigma is a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson (assuming he exists in the Overwatch universe), or is otherwise just a clever nod to a fellow astrophysicist.

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3 He is Barefoot

Overwatch Sigma character

One detail about Sigma's appearance in Overwatch actually sparked an Internet meme. As it so happens, Sigma is barefoot, with his toes creepily pointing to the ground while he floats around the map. According to Blizzard character artist Qiu Fang, who helped design Sigma, the character doesn't wear shoes to "sell the 'asylum' look." This is in reference to how Sigma was essentially kept in a mental asylum after the black hole damaged his mind, and how sometimes those in asylums are not allowed to wear shoes because they can hurt themselves with the laces.

2 He Is One of the Most Controversial Heroes

overwatch weird facts about sigma

Speaking of Sigma's asylum background, his backstory has actually made him one of the most controversial heroes in the game. While Blizzard has prided itself on Overwatch's diversity, many have criticized the game for its depiction of mental illness since Sigma's reveal. There are those that feel Sigma reinforces negative mental illness stereotypes - a criticism that was exacerbated by Sigma's Asylum skin that shows him in what appears to be a straitjacket and Hannibal Lecter-like mask.

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1 His Powers Were Originally Meant for a Different Hero

overwatch weird facts about sigma

Prior to Sigma's reveal, the prevailing theory among Overwatch fans was that Hero 31 would be Mauga, a character introduced in Baptiste's short story. However, the designers couldn't figure out how Mauga was supposed to be deploying barriers while simultaneously dual-wielding rocket launchers, and so decided to apply his kit to someone else. It was at that point that Sigma was devised. However, game director Jeff Kaplan has suggested that Mauga will still be coming to Overwatch as a playable character at some point in the future.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Polygon, Overwatch Wiki

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