Overwatch has a ton of character skins, voice lines, emotes, poses, and highlight intros, but players haven’t been able to choose how their weapons would look without choosing a different character skin or using the gold weapon skin. A future update to Overwatch may finally change this, as alternate weapon skins were spotted on heroes in the Doomfist preview video.

Two notable instances of characters holding weapons that don’t match their skins are Sombra wielding a green SMG and Soldier 76 holding a dark pulse rifle with orange accents despite both having their default skins. These little details suggest the Blizzard is toying around with allowing players to choose their weapon skins independent of their character skins. And the feature could come with the launch of Doomfist on July 27.

This is a long-awaited feature for many gamers. Competitive online shooters have offered players the ability to customize the appearance of their weapons for ages, as a means of self expression. Overwatch has plenty of ways for players to express themselves through skins, taunts, and the like, but many gamers coming from other games are likely used to weapon skins. Since Overwatch is a first-person game, weapons are also the part of their character players will see most. The addition of weapon skins will undoubtedly please a lot of players.

The golden weapons in Overwatch were one way for players to change their weapon’s appearance independent of character skins, but it only changed color, and even game director Jeff Kaplan has expressed displeasure with the system for getting golden weapons. It seems likely this feature is coming, but it’s unclear whether players will be able to mix and match weapons and skins they already have unlocked, or whether new weapon skins will come out that aren’t connected to character skins.

Some will surely see this as a way for Blizzard to make more money, as players have the option of spending real cash to unlock in-game customizations. Fortunately, these aesthetic features don’t create a pay-to-play dynamic, and players can buy the game without spending an extra cent and never be at a disadvantage. They may still have to suffer toxic players though, at least until Overwatch’s new punishment system gets going.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Redditor self.Overwatch via Dot Esports