As the 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s popular Diablo franchise approaches, all other major titles prepare to celebrate with an exclusive demon-themed event.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s long-running franchise Diablo and, to celebrate the occasion, the company is releasing a host of special in-game events in some of its other currently active titles.

Blizzard fans are in for a treat, as a large amount of Diablo-themed bonus content will be showing up in fan-favorite games very soon, the company announced yesterday on their site. Diablo III will be receiving an in-game event named “The Darkening of Tristram,” allowing players to run through a re-imagined version of the cathedral present in the original Diablo.


Strange things are also afoot in World of Warcraft, where denizens of Sanctuary are beginning to cross over into a mysterious new world. Our Game of the Year, Overwatch, will be getting a range of new sprays that represent each of the Diablo classes, as well as an exclusive player icon modelled after the Lord of Terror himself.

The Lord of Terror will also be present in StarCraft II, where he can be placed under the player’s control, courtesy of a new worker portrait. And in virtual card game Hearthstone, a hooded stranger awaits in this week’s Tavern Brawl, with a grim deck awaiting in his hands. Will you be able to uncover the dark wanderer’s secrets?

Finally, Heroes of the Storm isn’t left out, and players appear to be continuing the fight for the High Heavens with a new Diablo-themed portrait up for grabs. HOTS fans will have to tackle the hectic new brawl map in order to get their hands on it.

It’s a lot of new content altogether, and Blizzard fans have a lot to look forward to when the event begins to launch. The release date of the original Diablo was on December 31st back in 1996, so that may be what Blizzard means by coming “soon”. The events likely won’t be running forever, so be sure to check out your favorite titles over the coming days.

Diablo fans have a lot more to look forward to however, as it seems that Blizzard hasĀ been hiring for a new, unannounced Diablo project. There’s no guarantee that this is anything huge, but speculation has been building for a potential 4th major installement into the popular franchise coming soon.

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The Diablo-themed events have no set release date, but will be coming “soon” to all major Blizzard games.