The Overwatch community is the gift that keeps on giving, as a new fan-made skin for the latest hero Moira depicts the Irish hero as one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Thanks to Antonio Demico, a concept artist and university professor, we can get a good look at what Waluigi would look like as part of the popular first-person shooter’s cast.

Although in the past, many fans have pointed out the similarities in appearance between Metroid‘s Samus and Overwatch‘s Pharah, Demico believes that Moira and Waluigi are a more fitting match. Looking at the fan’s concept art, the Talon operative’s proportions certainly do match up well with Nintendo’s quasi-villain character and the design looks like it was taken right out of the Overwatch team’s development log.

After being posted on Reddit, Demico’s art attracted a fair amount of attention, to the point where even Blizzard began to take notice. A comment from Blizzard Community Manager Griffin shared his approval of the design even if copyright prevents the developers from ever using it.

With another user pointing out that Moira is an anagram of Mario, the match seems even more perfect, and other suggestions such as Roadhog as Wario have us convinced that this is a partnership that needs to happen. Nintendo hasn’t worked with Blizzard much in the past but if Overwatch does come to the Switch, it’s entirely possible that some amazing Mario-themed skins could be in the works.

Mario skins aren’t the only cosmetics possible in Overwatch‘s upcoming future, however, as Blizzard has announced that official Overwatch League skins will be unlocked for all players in the near future. All players will be given a free skin of their choice and others can be purchased with a new premium currency system that will be implemented early next year.

Although we don’t know what else 2018 has in store for us, besides the upcoming Blizzard World map, Jeff Kaplan has promised that a ton of new content will be coming to the game next year. As exciting as this news is, officially licensed Nintendo skins might be a just a little too much to ask for at this point in time.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.