EDIT: The original video that post was about, with an in-game comparison video of the actor’s dancing, was taken down. We’ve put up the source video, which was uploaded by Symmetra’s voice actor.

Overwatch has done a great job staying in the spotlight ever since its launch a little over a year ago, and now has an expanded character roster, several improvements through patches, and rule reinforcements that have helped keep the community healthy. More recently, the game’s anniversary event brought more personality to the mix by adding unique dance emotes for each character, something which fans were saddened to hear was only a temporary feature.

As it turns out, the personalized dance emotes have garnered favor from more than just fans of the series. The Overwatch voice actors banded together to produce a compilation video where the respective actors dance out their character’s emotes, and we have to say, it seems the cast of Overwatch really did their homework on this one. Everyone from Mercy to Roadhog absolutely nailed their dances, and McCree’s voice actor even brought his cowboy accessories along for the ride.

Interested gamers can watch the cast of Overwatch strutting their stuff below:

Unfortunately, it seems like this video will be taken down tonight as the uploader was contacted by Symmetra’s voice actress, who had concerns that he hadn’t asked for permission to post the video. It seems that while the dance compilation will be re-uploaded from the appropriate channel in the future, fans eager to see if the voice talent can walk-the-walk of their characters will have to do so sooner rather than later. Of course, since it’s public knowledge that the video will be taken down, we’re sure many copies have already been uploaded on other YouTube accounts for curious fans.

Blizzard evidently isn’t done building upon the personalities and backstories of its current hero roster, as characters like Tracer have just had new voice lines added which reveal more about them. Aside of this, game director Jeff Kaplan recently revealed that the studio will be implementing a permaban system for players who repeatedly bail out of competitive play games, a move which is sure to keep regular players dancing for joy.

What do you think about the Overwatch voice actors dancing to their respective character emotes, Ranters? Who wins the crown for best dancer?

Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Source: YouTube