In response to tweets regarding a possible Overwatch Easter event, Blizzard reveal that nothing is planned for Easter or for a rumored Valentine’s Day event.

With less than a week to go before the end of Overwatch‘s Year of the Rooster event, rumors are starting to come up in regards to what kind of event Blizzard will introduce next to its popular online shooter. Last month saw some players discover a host of Valentine’s Day voice lines in the game’s PTR, leading to speculation that Blizzard is set to introduce a Valentine’s Day event soon. However, thanks to a new tweet from the studio, those hoping to get a Cupid Hanzo skin this Valentine’s Day are going to be a bit disappointed.

Following a new tweet in which a player asked about the possibility of an Overwatch Easter or Valentine’s Day event, Blizzard confirmed that no such events are planned. Upon being asked for clarification in regards to this decision, the studio responded that Overwatch is not the kind of game to celebrate those sorts of holidays and have decided to go in another direction. Having said that, it is confirmed that new themed events will come to the game in the future, though what those may be remains to be seen.

While it is disappointing that there will be no Overwatch Easter or Valentine’s Day event, it is understandable given the amount of work necessary to transition from the Year of the Rooster event and straight into a new seasonal event. With Season 3 of Competitive Play also scheduled to end in a few weeks time, it makes sense that Blizzard would rather wait for a more opportune time to kick off a new seasonal event, especially with a raft of new updates and changes planned for the game.

Not only are a series of character balance changes expected to arrive soon, Blizzard have also been working on a series of new features, such as giving players the ability to save highlights and a reporting system for console players. Most recently, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the development team are also working on implementing a new “Server Browser” for the game, which will allow players to create custom games with a large variety of custom options.

overwatch funko pop figures

For now, an Easter and Valentine’s Day event will have to join Terry Crews voicing Doomfist as something we hope will come to Overwatch in the future. But given the popularity and success of all the seasonal events so far, there’s little doubt that Blizzard are already working on something special for its next big update.

Overwatch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.