Overwatch Uprising Update Broke Some Game Modes and Features [UPDATE]

[Update - Blizzard has confirmed through the official Twitter account for Overwatch that the missing modes and features have now been restored. The original story continues below.]

The latest seasonal event has finally arrived in Overwatch called Uprising, which retells Tracer's first mission with the team after an omnic attack in London. The update not only adds over 100 new items into the popular loot boxes, but it also introduces a new PvE mode, expanding upon concepts first introduced in the well received Junkenstein’s Revenge. New skins and loot are apparently not the only things introduced in the update, however, as a number of technical issues have risen, forcing Blizzard to disable some modes and features.

In addition to the new content, Patch 2.09, also known as the Overwatch Uprising update, intended to fix a number of bugs, provide a slight buff to Lucio, and even add character backstories and information into the Hero Gallery. As fans quickly found out, Overwatch has also suffered a number of technical and server related issues since the patch as well, forcing Blizzard to immediately disable Custom Game saves, Leaderboards, and actual game modes like 3v3 elimination and 6v6 Capture the Flag as well.


Surprisingly, these issues are affecting all three platforms simultaneously, something which isn't all that common. At the moment, Blizzard does not have an ETA on a potential fix or restoration of these modes and features, but promised to keep the community informed as soon as more information was available. At the very least, the new PvE mode is still available, so fans do have a way to continue to earn XP and loot boxes to potentially unlock some of those newly introduced skins.

While Uprising should satisfy players looking for a bit more lore and story, fans looking for a new character to tinker with may not have to wait all that long. Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan recently confirmed that the 25th character is pretty far along in the development process, with play-testing going on constantly. While Kaplan wouldn't reveal who the character is, many fans have begun to speculate that it's going to be the often teased Doomfist. Constant references to the mysterious character, Terry Crews potential involvement, and even a direct mention to the character in Orisa's backstory have started to accelerate the Doomfist hype train.

Were you able to get any matches in before these technical issues hit? Let us know what you think of the new PvE mode in the comments below.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Blizzard

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