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As Overwatch continues to be an absolute juggernaut for Blizzard, becoming the fastest growing franchise in company history, it has also managed to earn the company a lot of money as well. Part of that success comes from new cosmetic items coming to the game every so often in themed events, prompting players to try to acquire loot boxes for a chance to unlock new content. The most recent event, Uprising, not only added a number of cool skins for popular characters like Genji, but introduced a new PvE style mode which has proven to be a big hit with the fans.

Overall, the new story based brawl mode was played over 145 million times in the few weeks it was available. Shockingly, it was the enemy Null Sector faction which claimed more victories at 78,273,935, to only 67,232,398 for Overwatch players. With well over 8 billion omnics destroyed, players seemingly had difficulty finishing story matches as the win rate at the easiest setting only came in at 75% and dropped to 28% on medium, 3% on hard, and an unbelievable 0.6% on legendary.

For many, the hero choices may have been the issue as the average win rate improves very slightly when in All Heroes mode, which allowed players to select their own characters. Naturally, Bastion, Mercy, and Soldier 76 led the way, with newcomer Orisa rounding out the top 4 most picked heroes. What's less of a surprise is that both McCree and Genji took the top two spots for most crafted skins, as this update added younger versions of each character outfitted in their previous Blackwatch gear.

Based on these statistics, it's clear that the story focused Uprising update was very popular with fans, and could cause Blizzard to consider adding more PvE style modes to the game long term.

As the game approaches its first birthday, Blizzard continues to tweak and update the game for its loyal fan base. Season 5 of the popular competitive mode is set to kick off in June, while Blizzard has also hinted that the highly requested highlight saving tool could be arriving soon. New content is also on the way, including new heroes like Doomfist and potential new modes like Gun Game which could be coming at some point down the road. For Overwatch fans, there's plenty to look forward to

What's the one statistic that really stands out to you? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: PlayOverwatch

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