Overwatch PTR Update Brings Major Changes to Roadhog, Reaper, and McCree


Overwatch is a game that seems to be continuously changing, as Blizzard attempts to balance the large roster of heroes and maps perfectly. Yesterday, a new update arrived for the title's PTR that brings with it huge updates to several characters, alongside the Horizon Lunar Colony map, and may see a significant change to the game's meta.

First of all, the popular tank Roadhog has seen a 33% damage decrease to his Scrap Gun, with a 30% fire-rate increase being given to compensate this change. His weapon can now fire an extra shot before reloading, bringing the total ammo capacity up to 5.

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The Overwatch PTR is also testing a 20% reduction to the character's head hitbox, making the Australian mercenary a little harder to kill. These changes could completely affect the meta surrounding the hero, as it'll be significantly harder to pull off the hook/instakill combo with a reduced amount of damage coming from the initial shot.

Reaper has also seen tremendous changes to his arsenal, with a new passive ability 'The Reaping' making the character a lot more viable in-game. Instead of collecting health orbs from dead enemies, the offense hero will now receive a 20% lifesteal on all damage dealt to opponents. Not only does this give the undead Gabriel Reyes a lot of added survivability, it makes the hero near-unstoppable when performing his ult: Death Blossom.

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The next, much-needed change will boost McCree's Play of the Game potential even higher, as it buffs the character's ultimate significantly. Deadeye now begins to lock onto opponents after just 0.2 seconds (down from 0.8) and the damage that accumulates in the first second of locking on is now 80 instead of the usual 20. The increases rate for damage during the wind-up is remaining the same, but this new change allows for McCree's ult to be a lot more useful without having to wait as long to fire.

Other additions that have come alongside the update include Oni Genji and Officer D.Va making their long-awaited appearance in regular loot box drops. Custom game players will also be able to fiddle with gravity settings and jump height, thanks to the new moon-based map's introduction of low-gravity areas.

It's unclear how these major changes will affect the Overwatch meta, but it is likely going to see an increase in Reaper's usage and a decrease in Roadhog players. Of course this update is just being trialled for now, and there's no guarantee that all the proposed changes will go live at any point.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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