The latest patch for Overwatch releases for the PC version of the game. The update buffs the new character Ana, nerfs McCree, and addresses a few lingering bugs.

Blizzard’s quest to make Overwatch as balanced as possible continued today with the release of yet another patch for the popular game. This latest patch is currently only available for the PC version of Overwatch, and makes changes to both Ana and McCree, while also fixing some of the bugs that are still plaguing the game.

Overwatch players that prefer playing as the new character Ana will be happy to know that the update gives her a small buff by improving the power of her biotic rifle. This will allow Ana to be more effective in her role as a support character by increasing her capacity to heal her teammates, while also allowing her to deal damage to enemies at a faster rate.

McCree, on the other hand, has been nerfed in the update. As some may recall, McCree was nerfed in one of the first patches for Overwatch, only for Blizzard to backpedal and increase his power again. Apparently, Blizzard is still not satisfied with McCree’s balance, and so it has to decided to make him a bit less effective at long range distances. However, he will still be more powerful than he was at launch, so it’s not a drastic nerf by any means.

overwatch mccree nerf

Besides character balancing, this new patch for Overwatch also focuses on bug fixes. It fixes an issue with Ana’s sleep dart, for example, though it doesn’t seem to do anything about players being able to abuse Ana’s sleep dart to boot opponents from the game. The patch does manage to fix a compatibility issue with ATI graphics cards, however, and also squashes the bug where some character models would fail to render.

For now, this update is only available for PC players, but console gamers should expect it in the near future. Blizzard indicated that the contents of this update will be rolled up into a larger one for PS4 and Xbox One owners, so perhaps this update will come to consoles at some point in August when Blizzard may have more tweaks to make to the game.

With more DLC characters, maps, and plenty of other balance changes in the works, expect Blizzard to keep supporting Overwatch with updates like this on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, PC players can test out the latest patch for Overwatch now.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard