In an effort to limit the damage done by cheaters to the title’s online gameplay, a recent update has made aimbots a thing of the past in Blizzard’s Overwatch. Alongside the launch of the new space-themed Horizon Lunar Colony map, the latest content patch for the first-person shooter has vastly diminished the effectiveness of auto-aim software.

According to a post on the team-based shooter’s subreddit, the game’s Korean forums have noticed a new change that has eliminated the vast majority of aimbots. To regular Overwatch players, there is virtually no difference to the title’s appearance whatsoever but, post-update, the red outlines on enemies change slightly in color between matches in order to mess up any cheating software.

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Simplistically put, the way aimbots tend to work is by making a program scan and click on a particular pixel color which is present in the enemy outlines, thereby ensuring that the shots hit their intended targets with no skill involved from the cheating party. Now with the new change, most aimbots are rendered completely useless, and those that opt to use a color range in order to compensate will have their effectiveness vastly reduced.

Blizzard has always taken a heavy stance against cheaters and other users who would seek to exploit the game to their own advantage. Recently, the company has even gone as far as to create severe penalties for accounts that are intentionally throwing matches in-game.

What’s more, those who repeatedly break the rules may be subject to a permanent ban from Overwatch‘s competitive game mode, if they’re not locked out from the title forever. With all these new changes, the overall quality of the game’s online experience is sure to be improving, and players will soon be able to enjoy online play where cheating is virtually nonexistent.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit