From a fan getting their dad to reenact all the Overwatch emotes to someone re-imagining all of the game’s 24 heroes as bowls of water, it goes without saying that the community is populated with quite a number of creative fans. But in perhaps the most impressive fan creation yet, a gamer has recreated the multiplayer as a classic, Japanese turn-based RPG.

Answering the age-old question of what would it be like to play Overwatch as a turn-based game in the style of classic 16-bit JRPGs like Final Fantasy, a YouTuber by the name of The Salt Factory decided to find out by making a highly-impressive six-minute gameplay video. Set in the game’s Route 66 map and armed with a (non-meta) team comprising of Reinhardt, Mercy, Bastion, and McCree, the video quickly pits the quartet against a “boss” who is played by Roadhog.

What follows is a classic RPG battle that utilizes an Active Time Battle system, which re-organizes each character’s skillset into a menu taken straight out of Final Fantasy. Surprisingly, each character’s cooldown period is perfectly handled via the battle system’s waiting time, and the importance of team synergy within Overwatch translates just as well in the context of a four-member RPG party, such as using Reinhardt‘s shield to block damage and Mercy using her attack buff to boost McCree’s Deadeye Ultimate ability.

As impressive as this video is, it is ultimately nothing more than three months of logging gameplay footage, some clever video editing, and creative use of effects, thus Overwatch‘s 30 million players won’t be getting a JRPG version of the multiplayer anytime soon. Having said that, there are a number of features coming to the game that should help alleviate any potential Overwatch JRPG blues.

A major patch is coming to the shooter containing the new Horizon Lunar Colony map, as well as a host of fixes and character balance tweaks. Fans can also expect a number of additional new features soon, such as a highlights saving feature and a reporting system for console owners, as well as additional media in the form of a new series of Overwatch shorts.

While the development team may be too busy with various other projects to even think about a JRPG version of the multiplayer shooter, who knows what could happen. It may be an extremely long shot, but given how the Overwatch team has maintained a very good relationship with the fan community since the game’s launch, perhaps Blizzard may take fan requests for an Overwatch JRPG seriously at some point in the future.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube – The Salt Factory