Is Overwatch's Tracer Coming to Smash Bros?

tracer in smash

A recent Amazon leak for an Overwatch-branded Switch case has incited some wild speculations from fans today. Most recently, fans think the leak indicates a new crossover between the hero shooter and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The listing appeared for the Switch case earlier today and then quickly got removed, but not before someone grabbed the images. Since the leak made its way to Twitter, fans have speculated what the new partnership between Nintendo and Blizzard could mean. The rumors first assumed that Blizzard had decided to port Overwatch to the Switch. Fans got excited about the prospect of taking their favorite online shooter on the go.

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Now, even though neither company has confirmed nor denied the rumors, the rumors have shifted. Folks now speculate that the partnership means that Nintendo has decided to add an Overwatch character to Smash, and they now point to Tracer. Of all of the heroes in Overwatch, Tracer does make sense. She has served as the face of the game since its release and her moves are based on mobility.

tracer in smash

Nintendo announced at the launch of Super Smash Bros that the game will get six fighters added as DLC. They have announced four of the fighters, but fans have speculated about who the final two could be. A recent leak hinted that Smash might get Doomguy and Monster Hunter, but Nintendo hasn't given an official word. Fans throw out wild ideas for Smash players all of the time and in most cases it amounts to nothing. That said, fans have asked for Banjo Kazooie for a while now, and the characters will make their way into the game later this year.

Nintendo has also previously added characters to Smash despite them not having a game on its system (most recently Joker from Persona 5) so Tracer in Smash could make sense. Besides, Blizzard has shown support for the Switch with its port of Diablo 3. And as some have pointed out, Nintendo has a rumored direct coming soon.

Truthfully, the only information available at this time comes from the leaked case. While it doesn't guarantee anything official at all, it has to mean something. At this point, all fan speculation is just that: speculation. Blizzard has shown an interest in the Switch and Switch owners have shown an interest in Overwatch. Whether that manifests as a Smash character, a full game port, or something else entirely, it should prove a lucrative partnership for both parties. It could also create a fun scenario where Tracer mains who also play Smash Bros will have the same main in two wildly different games.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available now for Switch.

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Source: The Outer Haven

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