In last year’s holiday-themed comic, Blizzard revealed that its iconicĀ Overwatch cover hero Tracer is gay. What’s more, the British time-manipulator is also in a relationship with a girl named Emily, something that a new voice line finally references in-game.

One of Lena Oxton’s newest voice lines, which makes its appearance when Tracer is present on the Horizon Lunar Colony map, has the character considering a visit to Emily before deciding to get on with the mission. The line can be found only on the game’s PTR at the moment, but is sure to come to the full game once the moon base area finally goes live for all players.

InĀ case the embed doesn’t work, the newest Overwatch line is: “Wonder if I have time to visit Emily? No, better stay focussed.” As far as we have seen, this appears to be the first in-game reference to Tracer’s sexual preference. As we mentioned previously, it wasn’t until the holiday comic released that players started learning new facts about characters, like Torbjorn having a bunch of kids. But now it appears Blizzard is starting to bridge the gap between the lore outside the game and what is available to players.

Game Director for Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, has previously stated that the goal for Blizzard’s latest first-person shooter was “inclusivity and open mindedness” where a game felt like home to players, regardless of who they are. Adding heroes of all regions and backgrounds is part of what makes the game’s case so incredibly diverse, and we’re glad to see that the LGBT community has some representation now too.

Another reveal that has only been seen in comic-form at this point, is that Overwatch‘s light-bending architect Symmetra has autism. This would certainly be less likely to be dropped in casually in the form of a voice-line or spray, and probably will never see any sort of in-game reference, with Overwatch often opting to keep much of the game’s background as something for players to research.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.