Overwatch‘s massive popularity continues to expand into territories beyond the game, this time furthering its reach into the realm of action figures. Blizzard and the Good Smile Company have now revealed that a new line of posable Overwatch figures will be made.

Good Smile is following up the Overwatch Nendoroids it announced earlier this year, now revealing plans to release Overwatch‘s Tracer in its Figma line of action figures. Figma are renowned for how posable they are as well as their included swappable hands and faces, allowing for the figures to hold objects and change facial expressions. As expected, besides the base figure, Tracer will also come with three face plates, a pair of Pulse Pistols, and a Pulse Bomb.

The Overwatch Tracer Figma is currently available for pre-order via Good Smile’s website. However, fans should expect to spend a pretty penny on it, as the the Figma is set for 6800 yen, or the equivalent of about $62 USD. While not cheap, Figma are typically intended for older fans and are of a higher quality than standard action figures found in most toy stores. In addition, it’s still less costly than some of the previously-announced releases for Overwatch, like the $150 Widowmaker statue.

tracer figma pose pulse pistols

Fans of Overwatch can rest assured that the series is in good hands with Good Smile. In addition to being world-renowned for its anime figures, Good Smile is well-known for making beautiful renditions of video game characters. Good Smile has released a multitude of Figma and Nendoroid figures based off of The Legend of Zelda, as well as many other Nintendo characters, such as Samus of Metroid and Lucina of the Fire Emblem series.

Fans who are interested in picking up the Overwatch Figma may wish to act quickly, as pre-orders will only remain open until July 27th. There’s most likely considerable demand for these figures, so while the figures will no doubt show up at resellers in the future, there could be a considerable mark-up. Fans of other Overwatch heroes should keep their eyes open, as Tracer is expected to be only the first of the Overwatch Figma line.

Good Smile’s Figma Tracer will release in December of 2017. Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Good Smile