In response to a number of fan questions regarding the newly-released Overwatch comic ‘Reflections’, Blizzard reveals new character details about Torbjorn and Tracer.

With the end of 2016 drawing ever closer, Blizzard is celebrating the holidays in a big way by releasing Overwatch‘s first Winter Wonderland holiday event, prompting players to busy themselves earning special Winter loot boxes. However, that’s not all Blizzard has up its sleeve for the end-of-year festivities, as the studio has also released a special comic for the holidays, titled “Reflections“.

While the comic is a short canon story that explores the lives of almost every Overwatch hero during the holidays, as well as serving as a “Happy Holidays” message from the development team, a number of intriguing fan questions regarding Torbjörn and Tracer started coming up – questions that Blizzard was more than happy to answer.

Starting with Torbjörn, the turret-master’s comic panel features himself and a woman who is presumably his wife, but intriguingly, it also features Reinhardt reading a story to eight children, prompting fans to ask on Twitter who the children’s parents are. In no time at all, the studio replied with a simple confirmation that “They’re Torb’s“, which immediately prompted a wave of hilarious replies from fans regarding Torbjörn’s virility.

@CGBlight They're Torb's.— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) December 20, 2016

As for Tracer, while many were focused on how the comic casually revealed Overwatch‘s most prominent character to be in a romantic relationship with another woman, some fans were more intrigued by how Tracer was able to walk around in one piece without wearing her chronal accelerator. For those who are unaware, the chronal accelerator is Tracer’s chest piece and it helps keep her anchored in the present timeline while also giving her those trademark time traveling abilities.

A number of theories started coming up in an attempt to explain how Tracer was able to able to stop blinking through time without her chest piece, with one fan postulating that she doesn’t need her chronal accelerator attached 24/7 and only needs to be nearby for it to work. This plausible theory was quickly confirmed by Blizzard, who tweeted out a simple, “This is correct,” in response to the fan’s explanation.

@HikariBlur @GuyFromHyrule This is correct.— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) December 20, 2016

While “Reflections” only scratches the surface of the game’s lore, the amount of fan attention given to various little tidbits like Torbjörn’s children and Tracer’s chronal accelerator is yet another demonstration just how brilliant Overwatch‘s understated storytelling is. As Christmas and the New Year draws closer, “Reflections” is a perfect and touching end to what’s been a great year for Overwatch and Blizzard. Given how the simple comic still managed to offer up new information regarding the game’s characters, there’s little doubt that the 20 million-strong player community will be eagerly awaiting for the next Overwatch digital comic to drop.

Overwatch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.